If you are interested in becoming a UmpNation umpire please contact Steven at 239 784 8675 or Glenn 239 229 7246.  Please have a reference(umpire) and level of baseball you have called in advance.  Thanks Umpnation.

If you have any questions contact Glenn Carnes at or 239-229-7246

Wood bat rule change; We are changing the the rule regarding bat restrictions for all of our wood bat events. The rule will be stated on the website as Wood bat only. Bats must be composed of a single piece of wood with the exception of the composite wood bats attached on the bat restriction page of the tournament rules. The easiest explanation of this change is that we are going to allow Baum Bats AAA Pro Baum Bat, Rawlings Composite

5150 Composite Pro Wood WC5150

Big Stick R243CH

VELO Composite Wood R110CV

VELO Composite Wood R110CH

Rawlings Composite 243MBS

Rawlings Maple/Bamboo Composite 271 MBC

Rawlings Maple/Bamboo Composite SL151V and MacDougal Power Wood M-10, M-14, M-21

All other bats must be composed of a single piece of wood. The list may be updated further in the future. We are also going to change what the ruling is on using an illegal bat. If a batter steps in the box with an illegal bat and the umpire sees the illegal equipment, that player will be called out. If the player uses an illegal bat, was not seen by the umpire, and the other team protests; the result of the play will be an out.