What will the Registration fee be?
Ump Nation roster fee, 5.5% will be deducted from your check each tournament worked. No fees up front.
When will I get paid for my games?
    All checks will be in the mail within 7 to 10 business days from the last scheduled day of the tournament.
How will games be scheduled?
Using refereeschedule.com. Please set up your account completely, including your phone number(s). Text alerts will be a big part of how we get in touch with you.
What about weather and rain outs/field conditions?
Weather of course is on a case-by-case basis. Make sure you work this out with the grounds personnel and please go into the conversation with an open mind. Please stay close or exchange phone numbers for updates. Do not leave site without talking to your umpire supervisor. Always work with and keep the PG Scout informed. 
What about games called after ½ innings?
You will get a full game fee and if the game is rescheduled we will try to put you back on that game to finish. Again these will be taken on a case-by-case basis.
What about Hotel rooms?
Complimentary hotel rooms will be provided wherever possible. When traveling to smaller tournaments we try to find better rates and partners to share the room with.
What about water/Gatorade at the sites?
You should always come prepared. In some cases there will be drinks available.
What is the procedure for an ejection Player/Coach?
Please remember the majority of events we do are to showcase talent. Find a way to keep our customers in the game. This is not always possible but the effort will be appreciated.
How many games can I get per day?
Our goal is always to make your time spent with us profitable. The number of games always depends on the tournament set-up. Three games per day at the most is our preference. If necessary we may ask you to do a fourth.
How will the Championship Game Umpires be decided?
I know this is very important to a lot of you. So please, if you have interest either way do not hesitate to talk to me about your desires.
Can we work at other Ump Nation events around the country?
Absolutely. That is what ump nation is all about. Please let me know your interest in other events.
Can I work for other Associations during Perfect Game/Ump Nation events?
Absolutely. As an independent contractor you operate your own small business and have to do what is best for that business. But remember once you accept our games please don’t give them back for something you think is better. If it’s really that good call me and we will try to work around it.
Will you be using local umpires?
We know there is no way to take on a task this large without a very good local base everywhere we do our tournaments. It is our desire to use that good local base with selected out-of-town umpires to provide quality coverage for every game.
How far in advance will we get game assignments?
Ump Nation will give you a 7 to 10 day notice that you will be working the upcoming tournament. You should receive your final schedule 3 to 5 days before the tournament starts. That will be via refereeschedule.com.
Will all the age groups be paid at the same rate?
This will be dependent on the tournament. During Perfect Game events the large fields will be the same rate regardless of age. The small fields will have their own rates.
What kind of commitment should I expect?
Ump Nation will to the best of our ability work around your commitment. Full-time or part-time we have a place for you at Ump Nation.
How much money can I make?
Ump Nation is committed to making every day you work with us worth your time. Working with Perfect Game rules, doing two and three games a day is not out of the question.
What levels of baseball can I umpire?
Ump Nation schedules games at all levels including, Major League spring training B games, minor-league spring training games, collegiate at all levels. We also schedule umpires for the best summer and fall baseball tournaments and showcases in the country.
Will I receive feedback?
If feedback is necessary we will not hesitate to pull you aside and discuss things with you. We will never go out of our way to find things wrong with your umpiring. If you get a suggestion from us it is only because we feel it’s important.
How much travel is involved?
Ump Nation is committed to building strong local groups of umpires to handle games in the areas we hold our events. There will also be opportunities for travel all over the country if you would like to do so. At this time we have tournaments and showcases in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina just to name a few. 
Would I be an employee of ump nation?
Ump Nation hires independent contractors and you will be operating your own small business. You will receive a 1099 according to current IRS regulations and receive no benefits from Ump Nation or Perfect Game